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My style…what is it exactly?  Surrealism, Expressionism, Impressionism?   I call it “Miguelism.”

Coming from an advertising background I knew the importance of standing out so my goal was to created a unique

way to capture somewhat familiar scenes, places we are all familiar with but with a slight whimsical and surreal twist. 


I paint mainly from my imagination and my goal is to alter reality just enough to create my own unique scenes. The paintings have a certain intentional distortion and exaggerated movement, and are composed with forced perspective angles to make a path that leads the viewer's eye into the scene.

I want my audience to feel as if they could step into my paintings, visually and emotionally.


The entire painting is created with a technique that combines painting and sculpting.  I use thickened acrylics to create depth to give my art a unique 3D effect.  This timely step consists of multiple layers and many hours of drying time.  The end result is a painting that's full of character and depth.


Subtle or main focus, the small

details often help tell the story.

They are the most important elements

of each individual piece.