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Commission Art

Over the years, I have created hundreds of original custom artworks for special projects, personal commissions and wall murals.

A customized piece can be created in a variety of sizes to best suit your space.  Commissions can be created in any size

starting from 36"x 24".  If you would like to bring to life that special place seared in your memory or to learn

more about commissioning a painting, please see below or contact  me at the studio.

Cities, Towns, Villages, Homes, Cottages, Travel Destinations, even a couple of Universities

Here are just a few of them...

Porto / Portugal

The Lake Como Commission

Here's an example of a

commission that captures

a stylized scene of

beautiful Lake Como

with its waterfront villas

and historic landmarks.

Located in Blevio, this

painting's main focus was

to be on Villa Taglioni and

the lush gardens that

surround this ornate 300

year old building.

Below is one of the photos sent by the client.

In their vision, this was to be the main focal

point of the painting and is just one of many

important landmarks that were included

in the commission. 

The little details

Below are some examples of the little details, the important things that will help personalize the piece to make it more meaningful.

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